The Quest to Understand Consciousness

A great TED talk from Antonio Damasio about his fresh take on consciousness, boiling down to two ideas: self-processes and “map-making,” or perceptual images. It’s an accessible summary of his book “Self Comes to Mind” in which he painstakingly details the hows and whys of consciousness, its origins, and its necessary components.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Every morning we wake up and regain consciousness — that is a marvelous fact — but what exactly is it that we regain? Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio uses this simple question to give us a glimpse into how our brains create our sense of self.


Books by Antonio Damasio

●  The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness

●  Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain

●  Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain

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