Outliers:  The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

This was more sociological than I thought at the onset.  Here, Gladwell shows the enormous influence factors beyond our control have on any given situation:  from what season you’re born in, to the precise timing of historical events to create extraordinarily unique opportunities, to cultural heritage, everyone that has ever been successful or unsuccessful owes a great deal to their background.

Though the premise of the book is unsurprising, the lengthy research and examples Gladwell provides keeps the book fresh.  He dissects everything from the prevalence of Jewish doctors and lawyers, Bill Gates, The Beatles, Canadian hockey players—all of these outliers had in common a) tremendous opportunity for accelerated practice and b) tremendous amounts of practice from a young age.

A simple book with interesting stories of success and the conspiring world events that created the opportunity for that success.  Lots of great cocktail party anecdotes but it falls a little short on depth.


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